Business solar panels installation in NSW

Invest in where it matters. Take your business solar.

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Invest in where it matters. Take your business solar.

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Solar For Businesses

Commercial solar will have a positive long-term impact on your business' electricity bills. On Solar can tailor a solar system suited for your business' unique needs - helping you to reduce electricity costs immensely. On Solar Australia offers a variety of different solar power solutions, and will give you a clear understanding On Solar.

Before investing in a solar panel system, be sure to evaluate the cost tailored to your business' needs to best determine the effectiveness of having a solar power system. Depending on your specific location and requirements, there will be multiple components that will influence the price, including:

Solar power system size

Bigger solar power systems can evidently cost less money per watt compared to smaller systems. This is due to saving costs gained by an increased level of solar energy production overall.

Installation complexity

Depending on your business’ building, more complex installations can be higher in costs, such as; mounting the system on ground mounts, working around funnels and building custom establishments.

Operation and maintenance

O&M expenses of solar-powered systems are considerably low. Expenses may include infrequent solar power cleaning, customary visual examinations and repairs, and possible substitution of inverters or other components.

Solar system placement

Overall system production will depend on the location of the installation as our On Solar installers will have to ensure your system is at the correct orientation and pitch to ensure that you are getting the best possible results out of your panels.

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Benefits of getting solar for your business

Solar is one of the most economical solutions to producing sustainable energy for your business, here's why:

Meet Renewable Energy Targets

Investing in a solar panel system will increase the likelihood of your company meeting its renewable energy targets as demanded by the Australian Government. These are driven targets and failure to meet them will have financial implications.

Reliable and Dependable

Solar energy increases the security and dependability of our country's power supply, supporting the mid-day demand on the network. We partner with the most reputable Global suppliers, enforceable Australian Warranties which provides comfort to your investment decision.

Cost Effective & Low Maintenance

Having a commercial solar power system installed with On Solar Australia can directly reduce your power bills, by feeding solar power directly into your main power supply. Depending on how much you pay for electricity, when you use it, and how often - the potential savings of a solar system will vary slightly.


"I got recommended by a friend of mine at work. Once we got speaking to Andrew we were very happy and he gave us a lot of information including where we’d be with bills, what we would expect from the system and it was spot on. All the fellows were welcoming, and concentration to detail was superb. They showed me how the system worked and I’m very happy with the installation and quality."